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sewage treatment plant

The AQUAmax® is a reliable small wastewater treatment system based on SBR technology.

AQUAmax® range is used to treat from 1 m3 to 5 m3 of wastewater per day.

Certified German technology, Tested and proven locally.

Durable Components with low maintenance costs.

The AQUAmax® treats inflowing wastewater in three cycles daily, each with a duration of eight hours.

Initially the wastewater reaches the preliminary settling stage, then follows the 4-phase cycle:


 1. Charging phase

        The water collected in the preliminary settling stage is fed into the treatment tank.

2. Treatment phase

        The wastewater is treated during the six hour treatment phase.

        With this, agitation, aeration and pause periods alternate.


3. Settling phase

        Activated sludge settles on the bottom during the settling phase.

4. Removal phase

        In the removal phase the now cleaner water is pumped out of the plant.

wastewater treatment plant
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