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Public Security Department Chalets WWTP

A turnkey project for the design and installation of a Sewage Treatment Plant, activated sludge process based on the Sequencing Batch Reactor Technology (SBR) having the capacity of 60cu.m/day.

Scope includes design, supply, install, testing, commissioning and training including all civil works. The works included :

·      Construction works which included inlet structure, process tanks, , treated water storage tank, electromechanical rooms and the connection to the sewer network.All Tanks are closed reinforced concrete tanks.

·      Mechanical works which included: Aerators, mixers, pumps, screening, hypochlorite disinfection system and Filters.

Electrical, Instrumentation & SCADA for local and remote monitoring and controlling. Works included MCC Motor Control Center with PLC for a fully automatic un-manned operation. Instrumentation including ultrasonic transmitters.

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