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Small wastewater treatment plants, simple, clean, secure and economic.

Low maintenance costs as no solenoid valves or pumps have been employed.

Supplementary to the testing according to DIN EN 12566-3, PUROO® has also gone through additional overload and underload

situations on an accredited test facility.

wastewater treatment plant
wastewater treatment plant

The water flows via the primary settling stage (1) into the SBR tank (2).

The intermittent aeration takes place in the SBR tank, and that so long until the mechanical ball valve (3) float activates the air flow pump (4) due to the higher water level. First, through this activation, the sludge return flow takes place in several short pump strokes.

Now follows the settling. With this, the sludge sinks in the SBR tank.

The air lift pump is activated again and now transports the treated water out of the plant (7).

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