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Truck scales in jordan | weighbridge

Pit Mounted Scale

Surface Mounted Scale

Trucks Scales in Jordan | weighbridges in jordan

Operator Room

There are truck weigh scales scattered along most major highways in the world. Obviously they’re there to weigh trucks, but why do trucks need to be constantly weighed?

Around the world, weigh stations are used to collect fuel tax from trucks, or used to enforce weight restrictions. The Jordanian official weight restrictions are shown in the diagrams below.

Truck Scales are widely used for trading products by weight, such as (Building materials, cement, concrete, reinforcing steel, ..., etc) 

Our experience with truck scales goes back to 1995, where we  constructed our first weigh station in Aqaba - Jordan.

Now, 20 years later, we still offer the same quality and service, yet using improved technologies.

We offer Truck Scales in various configurations :

  • Pit Mounted or Pit-less / Surface Mounted

  • Concrete or Steel Deck (platform) 

  • Size range:

    • Width:    3 - 4.2 meters

    • Length:  4 - 24  meters

  • Weight range: 40 - 120 Tons


Truck Scale includes :

  • Civil Works: Pit, foundations, ramps in addition to the operator room

  • Weighing Instruments: Load Cells, Load Cell Mountings, Junction Box, Alphanumeric Weighing Indicator, Printer, UPS, Surge Arrestor & Earthing

  • Optional Accessories:   Separate Ticket & Report Printers, External Lighting, Loud Speaker, Camera & Traffic Light.

truck scales in jordan

Jordan official weight restrictions

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