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Why Treat Wastewater ?
What is a WWTP ?
Benefits of a WWTP ?


Wastewater is water that has been used, in washing, flushing, or in a manufacturing process, and so contains waste products “Sewage”

Why treat wastewater ?

  • To remove organic and inorganic matter which would otherwise cause pollution.

  • To remove pathogenic (disease causing) organisms In order to protect the Environment and human health.

What is a Wastewater Treatment Plant ?

A Wastewater treatment plant is usually a system that mainly contains:

  • Physical treatment (e.g. screening, balancing and grit removal)

  • Biological treatment (e.g. Biological reactors)

  • Chemical treatment (e.g. disinfection)

Benefits of a Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Environment friendly

  • Decreased fresh water use

  • Free of charge water for reuse

  • Decreased cost of wastewater removal

We offer complete solutions; each of our offered systems comes with a Case Study where we visit the client and the site to collect the necessary information in order to offer the correct capacity & technology. 

Our offered solution are designed for minimum operation and maintenance cost, and for systems are operated in automatic mode with  no need for a full- time operator.   

All solutions are offered in closed concrete tanks. We also offer the same solutions as packaged (containerized) solution when so required.


Black Water Treatment

NAWCO offers various biological treatment solutions,

using different technologies such as:

  • Activated sludge “Extended Aeration”

  • Activated sludge “Submerged Fixed Bed”

  • Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR)

  • Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

  • Constructed Wetlands technologies

Technology choice is dependent on the

site conditions and particulars.

Black water treatment plants include: 

Primary Treatment:

Such as Physical treatment (screening, grit removal, grease removal) and/or primary settling stage.

Secondary Treatment:

Includes a balancing stage, followed by a biological reactor(s). 

Tertiary Treatment:

Such as Filtration (media filters or disc filters) & Disinfection (UV or Chlorination)


Gray Water Treatment

We offer Physical and Chemical Treatment followed by Disinfection.

Gray Water Treatment Systems include: 

  • Physical Treatment:        Screening, settling & balancing

  • Chemical Treatment:      Coagulation, flocculation and settling 

  • Filtration:                         Sand, Carbon and Cartridge filters

  • Disinfection:                    UV and/or Chlorination

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How We Work

How We Work

We provide a turnkey solution:

Design, which includes Case study, technology selection, process and structural designs.

Construction, includes civil, mechanical and electrical works, installations and commissioning.

Maintenance, includes periodic maintenance checks and laboratory testing.

Operation and maintenance, includes staff on site monitoring and controlling the system at all times, also includes periodic maintenance checks and laboratory testing.

Upgrade, usually includes studies, designs and any related construction and installations in order to improve and optimize an existing system.

Continuous Improvement and development makes us the best in the market.

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Household Solutions

Household Solutions

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wakileh wastewater treatment
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